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Whether it's a film festival or fashion week, red carpet styling has always been the most talked about, I have to say, after watching the red carpet modeling found that the shape of the people really somewhat similar, even the same bug place. Let's have a look.


The red carpet has always been the main battlefield of female stars, as in the past, this year a lot of dresses have also happened to choose a simple monochrome fabric or impact color design, simple style but highlight the design sense of tailoring, good-looking not to say, but to ensure the most eye-catching in the crowd!


As a representative of the beauty actress, my sister chose a crimson V-dress for the occasion, but it looked "cheap ”…… in the red-carpet spotlight due to fabric selection issues It's like ribbon in a ribbon cut.


On the front, the collar of this dress is too low, it looks like the whole dress will fall off in the next second.


This time, in addition to Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman also chose a red dress dress, the two face-to-face touch, who people think is more beautiful?


Nicole Kidman's choice was matte fabric with a simpler hemline and a well-heeled centre-back and side-fork design with just the right blonde hair.


Blue background with yellow flowers on the one-shouldered A-word large pendulum skirt has a sense of existence, but at the same time there is a problem is - black fat. Immersed in love moldy not only fat, from the outside of these health map, arms and back are also tanned, this look is simply to expose the problem.


Bright yellow looks very cheerful and lively, with padded shoulder design and deep V characters to make the whole dress look sharp and airy, sapphire earrings and necklaces with the dress to form a collision color contrast, simple and beautiful.


Black may represent a low profile elsewhere, but not necessarily on the red carpet. Anna de Amas, the woman of \"Blade Out,\" put on an exotic display in a black breast-wiping dress with a full-body sequin design with bright red lips and black hair.


Another Jennifer looked'low-key' a lot, with a black skirt with shawl curls and diamond necklaces that could also be elegant and beautiful without relying on medical beauty.


Wearing Mary Katrantzou's Spring\/Summer 2020 collection, Judy Comer's green dress has a very good sheen if only looked at the shape above the chest, and is also very high-grade with blonde and diamond studs, but the overall look is completely wrong, and the barrel design not only looks curveless, but also looks odd in proportion to each other.


Hollow design can also be full of teenage girls, pink and white flower design with bubble sleeve looks very girlish, this time she with \"incredible\" in the limited play \/ television film best actress.


Have you all seen the latest season of The Great Mrs. Mather? Grape purple deep V dress looks very easy to look old, but the good thing is that there is Rachel white glowing light bulb muscle, looks both aura and mature charm.


\"The Hollywood Past,\" directed by Quentin and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margathe Robby, was a popular candidate for the Golden Globe Awards awards, but Margaret, who is a woman, opted for an extra low-key skirt when she attended the red carpet.


Now that the Irish elves are becoming queens of Ireland, a sparkly halter dress is enough to hold up the air. The peach eye shadow gives the whole set a touch of tenderness.


The male star's suit dress actually changes the pattern so many, on the red carpet is also mainly in contrast with the lady, the male star group we according to the same box number to group.


Pierce Brosnan and his sons Dylan and Paris, who are this year's ambassador of Golden Globes, are still beautiful despite their different styles.


Jason Moma of 193cm and 157cm's wife, Lisa Bonet, attended the 77th Golden Globes, and who could tell the editor that the Sea King had brought a piece of jade?


The parasite team Song Kanghao, Zhao Ruzhen, Li Jingen also came to the red carpet scene! The film, as everyone expected, won the best foreign language film award.


Billy Potter, known as \"the most beautiful red carpet,\" will probably make the rest of the female stars sweat as long as he wears a dress. A suit with a large tousled skirt is his exclusive signature look, this time the white feather skirt look with a hard box bag, how many points can be played?