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On December 20,2019, the opening number of the 3019340 issue was 08,22,03,24,32,35 and the special number was 29. After searching, the first prize in guangdong was awarded to huizhou city, and the winning lottery ticket in huizhou city was an 8 yuan 4 single ticket, which was awarded to ni shan town, huidong county.


Great, located in Huidong County Renshan Town Guangshan Road 74 station 44080209, feng shui is quite good, is the local veritable lucky place. It is understood that the station has won one double-color ball and three Southern Guangdong style \"36 selected 7\" first prize.


The four awards were in March 2013, with a two-color ball first prize of 2 bets and a bonus of more than 15 million yuan; in May 2013 and August 2016, each of them had a \"South Guangdong Style\" of 36 selected 7 first prize of 5 million yuan; and in December 2019, the \"South Guangdong Style \"36 selected 7 first prize of 1 note,2.61 million yuan.


According to site owner lu xuekui, his site opened in 2005, operating for up to 14 years, is an old local site, many fixed color people. Because the colorful people are mostly local residents, and the age of the old colorful people, many colorful people to the local Jiang \"South Guangdong style \"36 selected 7 feelings, although the welfare lottery ticket is colorful, but\" South Guangdong style \"loyal fans have been in, and the number of, so the three first prize in his site is the vote.


“Due to the number of colorful people, the original site area is too small, our site moved from the new market more than a year ago. The location of the original site is better, in the market next to the large flow of people, more colorful people. Originally thought to move here some partial position, the color people will lose, the big prize opportunity also will be few, looks like is not like this, many old color people also still go to me to buy the color, my site is still so prosperous. Site proprietress Yuan Bizhu happy said from ear to ear.


In the prize room, Lao Liao used a local accent to talk to welfare lottery staff about his 20 years of experience. \"Call me Lao Liao! I'm a farmer and I have a few acres of land in my house. I don't have any amateur activities except for farm work, but buying lottery tickets has been my habit for 20 years. Lao liao said that at ordinary times mainly rely on planting some cash crops to increase income, family income is not high, and several children to study, so although the purchase of colorful years, but each bet is not high, has always been to buy two-color ball and \"south yue style \"36 to choose these two tickets, less spent 2 yuan to buy 1 bet, more than 10 yuan 8 yuan, that is, after doing farm work to relax.


According to mr. liao described that he did not look at the lottery chart, do not chase the number, generally is to take the number of the previous period to choose the number, as long as the number of the previous period to replace the current, anyway is to change the number of each issue. Listening to Lao Liao's relaxed and pleasant tone, you can feel that the expected change of number may be the fun of Lao Liao purchase color.


Regarding the use of bonuses, Lao Liao said that rural people still pay more attention to building houses, generally have money in their hands will be the first to build a new house, in addition, he also intends to put out some money to support each child. \"We don't spend a lot of money on the old couple in the countryside. It's not easy for them to fight outside. (Lin Xi, Li Na, Chen Wanqi, Chen Xiaoxuan)